Lisa Marie Webb

Who knew a quiet little campus in small town Iowa could have such a large footprint in the world?


Lisa Marie Webb is an active duty Air Force member. In her time with the military, she has traveled extensively and has held roles as a Wideband Communications Maintenance Technician, an Equal Opportunity Advisor, a Professional Military Education Instructor, and, currently, a Department of Defense instructor. She credits her professional success, and, specifically, her most recent position, to the fact that she graduated with a Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning with Technology online from Ashford University in May 2010. 

Lisa Marie chose Ashford partly because of the opportunity to complete her coursework online, and also because “the program included a technology aspect, and accepted military financial aid. But it was my Admissions Counselor who sealed my decision. He answered every question and was very helpful, which was especially fantastic considering I was serving overseas at the time.”

Once enrolled, Lisa Marie excelled both academically and professionally, which quickly provided her with new and exciting opportunities. “An opportunity to compete for a special duty job came my way, and I believe my degree program was a favorable factor in my getting selected for the position -a coveted military teaching job at the only school of its kind in the federal sector.” The selection also meant she would be returning to the United States, and the move brought more than professional success. “In a bittersweet turn of events, the timing of my move back to the United States allowed me to see my father just weeks before he unexpectedly passed away, an opportunity I would have missed if I had still been overseas.”

For Lisa Marie, finishing her degree was one of the most important accomplishments of her life.“It has taken what seemed like forever to get here, and it feels good to have finished. The cool thing is that it is not just ‘paper on the wall’- it opens doors. Who knew a quiet little campus in small town Iowa could have such a large footprint in the world?”

Lisa Marie was able to visit that small town in May 2010, where she proudly walked across the stage and received her diploma at age 40. Graduation day also happened to coincide with her 22nd anniversary in the Air Force and Mother’s Day, which made the experience even more significant.“I had been overseas for a long time, so, needless to say, I didn’t get to see Mom too frequently. She flew from Ohio and I flew from Florida and we met in Iowa for the graduation. Neither of us had ever been to Iowa, so it was a nice little adventure. Mom kept stopping people in the hotel and asking if they were Ashford graduates - she found several, and one actually turned out to be a professor! I got quite a laugh and found Iowa to be a refreshing reprieve from my normal hustle and bustle. I’m grateful to say I’m among the Ashford alumni!”

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