My Ashford degree helped me to get that job…

Valerie Neidich Moran


It’s no exaggeration to say Valerie Neidich Moran is passionate about American history. She belongs to the Daughters of the American Revolution, the National Society United States Daughters of 1812, and The National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. She decided to turn her passion for history into a career, but there was one missing piece keeping her from her dream job – a college degree.

“I had a goal to get a job at the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia,” Valerie says. “And the whole idea was that I’m going to get this degree and then I’m going to get that job.”

With a clear plan in mind, Valerie began looking for a school that would fit her unique needs. First and foremost, she wanted a university that offered a Bachelor of Arts in History. Secondly, she needed an online school so she could fit classes into a busy schedule that already included her responsibilities as a mother and her part-time job at the Disney Store. Finally, Valerie wanted a school that provided support to new students. Valerie had put her education on hold for several years while she raised her family, and she was a little nervous about returning to school. On top of her nerves, Valerie also deals with dyslexia, a condition that has always made it challenging for her to learn.

At Ashford University, Valerie found the degree program she wanted and the student support she desired. Ashford and Valerie were a perfect fit.

“What makes the university so unique is that no matter who I talked to, they were always supportive, whether it was a teacher, whether it was staff or a student advisor or anything, everybody was there,” Valerie explains. “I just think Ashford is a wonderful place because of all the support that I got.”

Valerie made the most of her time at Ashford. She was able to conquer her learning disability and earn solid A’s throughout her degree program.

“I really think that I couldn’t have achieved everything I did if it wasn’t for Ashford’s support,” Valerie says. “I was able to graduate with a 4.0, which I never dreamed would happen.”

Shortly after graduating, Valerie achieved another major goal in life. One month after she received her diploma, she started her dream job.

“My Ashford degree helped me to get that job at the New Museum of the American Revolution,” Valerie reports. “Just the fact that it’s a History degree and I needed a degree to get the Guest Service Supervisor position. So it all came together.”

Now that she’s a college graduate and pursuing the career she always wanted, what lies ahead for Valerie?

“My plan is that I’m going forth and living my dream,” she says. “You have a plan in life but you’re just not sure if it’s actually going to come full circle and come to be. It did.”

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