The reward far exceeds any of the challenges I might face.


A strong believer in higher education, Wayne Wright nevertheless worried that 20 years out of high school was too much time away from education to earn his college degree. It wasn’t. Since Wayne began his journey with Ashford University, he has earned two Bachelor’s degrees—one in psychology and one in organizational management—and has recently begun his MBA.

Like many Ashford students, Wayne had hit a ceiling in career advancement and knew that to accomplish his professional goals, he first had to achieve his degree. Wayne did his research and came to the conclusion that Ashford was the right choice for him. “The writing was on the wall,” says Wayne. “I knew it was right for me.” He worked through his fears of being out of school for such a long time, and of feeling isolated in an online classroom. With each class he seized every opportunity to adjust to the academic setting and become more connected to others around him. “I’ve been friends with some peers and professors for three or more years now,” he notes.

Ashford’s Writing Center was “invaluable, especially early on,” says Wayne of the webinars and help he received. “I had no idea how to write a paper after a 20-year break, and they helped me develop my voice and style.”

One of Wayne’s proudest personal achievements came with joining the Online Psychology Club, where he formed even deeper connections with students and professors. After a year of involvement, he was elected an officer of the club, and the following year he was elected president. “Engagement is key to success in the online environment,” says Wayne. “My experience building relationships with faculty has been outstanding. I can turn to them for real-life applications, career advice, anything. That speaks volumes of the quality you get at Ashford.”

In addition to his involvement in the Online Psychology Club, Wayne is a CHAMPS mentor and enjoys guiding new students through the educational journey he experienced himself. “CHAMPS gives me a way to do what I love to be doing—helping people,” Wayne explains. “I can’t think of anything better than that.”

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