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In the corporate world, you earn respect when you have a college degree.

Yenette Perryman


You never know where you’ll find life-changing inspiration. For Yenette Perryman, the epiphany came from the most unlikely of places – a television commercial.

“I shopped around at three or four colleges before I found Ashford,” Yenette says. “Their commercial caught my attention. It was a life-changing commercial.”

Yenette had attempted going to college in prior years, but said it didn’t work out. “I studied at Florida State University previously, and I ran into some roadblocks.”

Attending college on a campus wasn’t the solution for Yenette, but she was also reluctant to try online colleges. “I was afraid of online college for many years.”

Nevertheless, Yenette began to feel like she needed that elusive college degree to bolster her professional credibility. She runs her own consulting firm called Real People Consulting where she plans employee engagement events and works with companies to manage organizational changes.

“I can’t be in my field without credentials,” Yenette explains. “A degree puts me in a place where I can be a lot more competitive in my field. It puts me in a place where my education parallels my experience.”

It was at this point in her life that Yenette saw the fateful commercial for Ashford University. Immediately, she looked into Ashford and started researching the numerous business degrees that are offered at the Forbes School of Business & Technology™.

“I read the curriculum online, and Organizational Management sounded like something I could use,” Yenette says. “It’s a universal degree.”

Yenette enrolled in Ashford University’s BA in Organizational Management program in 2013. Despite her initial fear of online education, she quickly acclimated to the online environment. In the fall of 2015, Yenette finally earned her long-awaited college degree.

“Attending Ashford was the most awesome experience of my life, and the most liberating,” she says.

Yenette’s time at Ashford was rewarding both personally and professionally.

“In the corporate world, you earn respect when you have a college degree,” she says. “Now that I have qualifications, people take my input very seriously.”

Yenette’s Ashford story doesn’t end with her graduation though. She was invited back to deliver the alumni commencement address at Ashford’s commencement ceremony in May 2017.

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