CHAMPS Peer Mentoring for Online Students

Ashford University’s CHAMPS Peer Mentoring program matches new students adjusting to the demands of pursuing a college degree (Mentees) with high achieving, upper-division students (Mentors) to create a space for peer-to-peer mentorship that promotes student development and success. 

Mission Statement

CHAMPS stands for Collaborative and Holistic Academic Mentoring for Peer Success. It is our mission to promote success by connecting mentees who need additional support with mentors who are interested in developing their leadership and marketability. The CHAMPS Peer Mentoring program will create the best mentee-to-mentor match possible and leverage emerging technologies to create a digital space for new and supportive relationships to blossom. 

How Does Peer Mentoring Work?

Our mentees and mentors start by submitting an application. The CHAMPS Peer Mentoring team will use the information provided on the application to pair mentees and mentors based on similar interests, backgrounds, family dynamics, and even time zone!

After a mentee and mentor are paired, they are then free to email, call, video or audio conference, use social media, or text to begin the program.

The program consists of seven milestones designed to create conversations relevant to the success and development of Ashford students. Participants should expect to meet via their preferred communication method for an hour each week for 7 weeks—but it is our hope that our mentors and mentees build relationships that last well beyond the end of the program!

CHAMPS Benefits

CHAMPS Mentees recognize the opportunity explore and better understand Ashford resources and student best practices. They're open to conversations that will broaden their understanding of life as an Ashford student and help identify what success looks like.

Become a CHAMPS peer mentee to:

  • Add a high-achieving, successful Ashford student to your support system
  • Get support navigating critical learning resources, including the Student Portal, Library, and Writing Center
  • Discuss strategies on how to balance life and school from a peer who faced and overcame similar challenges
  • Gain access to videos, worksheets, and other activities designed to develop you as an online learner

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Our CHAMPS Mentors are Ashford experts who have overcome their share of obstacles as adult learners in online education. Our mentors are now willing to take a mentee under their wing and offer their guidance and support. 

Become a CHAMPS Peer Mentor to:

  • Share your experience and how you achieved academic success at Ashford University
  • Inspire your mentee as he or she overcomes the adjustments of studying online
  • Enhance your own career marketability through leadership experience
  • Create a stronger overall sense of connection and belonging amongst Ashford's online community

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CHAMPS Requirements

CHAMPS Mentees must be active in their Ashford program, submit an application, and, upon acceptance, attend a one-hour virtual orientation. CHAMPS welcomes any student in need of support to participate as a mentee. 

CHAMPS Mentors must have completed a minimum of 30 undergrad or 12 graduate Ashford credits with a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher, submit an application, and, upon acceptance, attend a one-hour virtual orientation. 

What Our Mentees are Saying…

“I absolutely loved the CHAMPS program. Along with valuable insight, I gained a friend for life in my mentor. I am really excited that I had the opportunity to participate in the program and I recommend everyone do it.” - Tayler S., College of Health, Human Services, and Science

Ready to Sign Up?

You can find applications to participate as a mentee or mentor in the CHAMPS Peer Mentoring system. You can also email [email protected] for more information.