Student Community Standards


The Student Community Standards office serves the Ashford University community by ensuring that all members are behaving in accordance with the shared values of integrity, fairness, respect, community, and responsibility.

Student Community Standards responds to any alleged violations of the Standards as educational opportunities to address students’ individual developmental needs and to address any threats to University integrity.

Disciplinary Process

The purpose of the Ashford University Online Student Community Standards Disciplinary Processes is to provide:

  • Fairness during all aspects of the Online Student Community Standards Disciplinary Process
  • Prompt response to all allegations and reports of student breaches of the Standards
  • Respect and compassion in all interactions with students
  • Adherence to the Online Student Community Standards Disciplinary Processes as documented in the Ashford University Academic Catalog
  • An environment that embraces all forms of diversity

Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that this page is designed to provide only an outline of various Student Community Standards policies and procedures. For a more in detailed description of any information provided on this page, please refer to the Student Rights and Responsibilities section of the Ashford University Academic Catalog.


[email protected]


Kim Cowan – Student Community Standards Specialist, Academics
Christina Jaquez - Student Conduct Specialist/Deputy Title IX Compliance Specialist, Student Affairs

Additional Forms

Informal Hearing Guide
Student Community Standards Formal Hearing Guide
Student Community Standards Committee Formal Hearing Guide – Academic Misconduct
Petition to Appeal Fomal Hearing Outcome
Violation of Student Community Standards

Ashford CHAMPion Awardrenee shores

Ashford University students who uphold the values of integrity, fairness, respect, responsibility, and community are presented with the Ashford CHAMPion Award. This quarter’s award goes to Renee Shores.

Renee Shores describes herself as a very happy and positive person. She enjoys reading, and her taste in music is eclectic. Her passion over the last 35 years has been accumulating knowledge of medicinal herbs harvested in the wilds of the Cascades and the Rocky Mountains. She is 53 years old and the grandmother of 20 wonderful kids that live all over the United States. Although consistent communication with them may seem daunting, she finds technology - she uses Skype specifically - allows her to stay in touch with everyone.

Throughout the years, she focused on raising her four children and worked mainly in customer service and the hospitality industry. She was widowed in 1987 which led to her decision find other ways to support her children. She managed convenience stores and drove a taxi part-time in Seattle, Washington as she wanted to ensure that she could provide for her kids and help them grow and succeed in life. She describes them as “efficacious adults; my oldest daughter is an effective author, my younger daughter is a tattoo artist and stay at home mother, my older son is a district manager for a well-known fast food company, and my youngest son is currently in college to become an educator.” With her children grown and finding their own success and happiness, Renee found that life was giving her another opportunity to begin her educational journey.

In January, 2015, due to her medical issues and her own mobility challenges, she was no longer able to keep her employment. She applied for social security and was denied. With the support of her soulmate and the encouragement by her doctor, the spark to pursue her education reignited. She found Ashford University online through Facebook advertising and also considered a couple of other online colleges, but felt that Ashford was the best fit for her. She is pursuing her degree in Complementary and Alternative Health. She has been working on a book about the uses of medicinal herbs and edible plants. In her area of Flathead Valley, she participates in the Farm Hands Program Nourish the Flathead, and the Flathead Grows! Seed Library in Columbia Falls, Montana. She is pursuing her passion and taking advantage of all of the opportunities she can find at Ashford so she can make an impact on her life and others.

Although she is not sure where she will end up after receiving her degree, she feels that it is important to put all of her effort into doing well in college. Her work does shine as brightly as she does given that one of her written assignments is being used as an example in one of the courses in her program. In June, 2017, she was informed that she had been selected as one of the first students to participate in the Honors College, and she is excited to add that to her educational journey. She is currently a Student Mentor with the CHAMPS Program doing what she can to provide support to other students to help them find success as well. Although she has a tremendously busy schedule, she also applied and was selected to present at the upcoming online Teaching and Learning Conference (TLC) at Ashford in November of 2017. TLC is in its third year, and this year is the second one in which students have been asked to present their experiences to the Ashford community including faculty and staff. Her session is titled Preparing for the Online World, and she describes it as “being an older student and having the courage to go back to college. It is a discussion on how a person can change direction for the rest of one’s life, and though it is challenging, it is very rewarding.” This presentation not only provides the personal touch of sharing her own experiences of being a mature student and overcoming health and medical obstacles, but Renee also seeks to find ways in which the Ashford community can support other students in a similar situation to find success in the online educational platform.

Through all of her accomplishments at Ashford, Renee still finds time to give back to her community and support other families. She participates in a support group for the mobility challenged and has volunteered on the Domestic Violence Hotline. She has also been an advocate for domestically abused women and children. She has always participated in the community garden program wherever she has lived. Renee has accomplished so much in her lifetime and exemplifies the standards at Ashford University. She states, “I feel a little overwhelmed by the attention I am receiving from Ashford. As far as I am concerned, it is an excellent college that has a lot to offer people like me. I am very honored to be the recipient of the Ashford CHAMPion Award for this quarter!”

We appreciate her positive impact on the Ashford community and look forward to all the successes she has in life. Thank you to Renee for all of her hard work and her dedication to her family and her education!

Nominate the next Ashford CHAMPion! Do you know a student or alum who:

  • acts in an uplifting manner toward the community?
  • is encouraging to those around them?
  • has acted courageously in light of difficult circumstances?
  • consistently demonstrates responsible and ethical behavior at all times?
  • has impressed you with their resilience and dedication?

If you know someone who exemplifies any of these points, please take a few minutes to fill out the nomination form below and return to [email protected].


The award is open to all current and former Ashford University students. Anyone (family, friends, staff, faculty, students) can nominate a student for the award.

For any additional information or questions, please contact Student Community Standards at [email protected] or at 1.800.798.0584.