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AU Portal on LaptopStudent Portal

A virtual file cabinet where you can manage your college experience from enrollment to commencement. Your portal allows you to access:

  • Financial aid records and resources
  • Learning tools to help you succeed
  • Notifications and University alerts
  • Track the progress of your financial aid.



Au Classroom on LaptopClassroom

In the virtual classroom, you and your fellow students will share the same guidance, discussion boards, and written assignments.

  • Instructors provide outlines, resources, and feedback all in one place.
  • See discussion board threads and reply to classmates on your phone, tablet, or desktop computer.
  • Manage your calendar with instructor guidance and weekly overview.
  • Customize notifications regarding grades, class announcements, and assignments.
  • Personalize your learning profile and connect with your peers.
  • Get live classroom support 24/7.




Learning on the Go

The Ashford classroom, powered by Canvas, will change the way you learn. The enhanced mobile functions of Canvas allow you to seamlessly flow from working on your desktop to your mobile device to your tablet.

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Constellation Your Digital Textbooks

Constellation is an interactive platform designed specifically with Ashford University students in mind. Available on desktop and mobile devices, Constellation stores all of your digital course materials in one place.

  • Make notes, quiz yourself, and keep up on your reading from anywhere in the world.
  • Content syncs automatically, so your books and notes will always be available.
  • Download books in audio format and listen on the go.

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Waypoint Personalized Feedback

Waypoint is the link between you and your instructor. Upload your assignments and receive detailed responses that help you continually improve as an online student. Waypoint also allows you to:

  • Preview grading rubrics so you know what each assignment requires
  • Submit your paper for last-minute proofreading
  • Upload a revised version in case you forgot something
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Office 365


Ashford University students get free access to Microsoft Office 365 without a subscription. All of the features – Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, and more – are at your disposal.


From the Ashford Mobile App home screen, select the Menu icon and touch "Help Center" to directly call technical support, read FAQs, or to provide feedback.

The Ashford Mobile App allows you to use your Smartphone or Tablet device to read and respond to discussions, access grades and assignments, get instructor guidance, check degree progress, and access your financial account ledger.

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