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Envisioning Ashford’s Future

Ashford University's legacy is one of tradition, quality, innovation, and inclusion. Over the last 15 years, Ashford has been transformed from its roots as a small traditional college into a national online institution. Ashford prepares working students to realize their life and career aspirations. As a pioneer in the field of distance learning, Ashford creates accessible, flexible education opportunities responsive to a world that is constantly evolving.

Ashford University History

Ashford University has transformed from a small midwestern, residential college to a national online institution that prepares adult students to realize their life and career aspirations.

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This collaboration is a natural extension of what Forbes has been doing for nearly 100 years: providing people with information and insights to enable them to develop their own talent and become true entrepreneurs.

- Steve Forbes

Leading with Courage

Established on the foundation of inclusion and mutual respect, the Center for Women's Leadership is a diverse network of scholars, practitioners, and students who seek to advance the standing of women in leadership — especially women from historically underrepresented communities — and work to enhance their knowledge, expertise, and research, while providing information, resources, and networking opportunities.