Marketing Courses at Ashford University

Ashford University offers online classes and courses in the marketing field. Courses include Consumer Behavior (MKT 625) and Market Research (MKT 635) and cover a range of topics including buyer behavior, marketing management, theory and more. Learn more about specific courses below or visit the business page to learn more about specific degrees.

Marketing Class Descriptions and Credit Information

MKT 625 Consumer Behavior

3 Credits

This course presents and analyzes the most critical issues of buyer behavior both for individual consumers and within the organizational environment. Priority is placed on the economic, psychometric, and sociometric factors that influence buyer behavior and the buyer decision process. Through analyzing and understanding buyer behavior, marketing managers can ultimately understand this process and actively influence strategic business decisions.

MKT 635 Market Research

3 Credits

This course is designed to integrate theory and practice and develop students’ analytical skills in marketing research methodology. Students apply methods and techniques for the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of primary and secondary data toward the solution of current marketing problems.

MKT 640 Brand Publishing

3 Credits

This course builds on leadership, business, management, and marketing concepts contained in the MBA program, while introducing the principles of brand publishing, trending technologies, and customer behavior. Through examples and case studies, students learn to improve the organization, tracking, assembly, personalization, and sourcing of content to establish a center of excellence within an organization. In addition, this capstone project will generate a portfolio project to demonstrate students’ significant execution of brand publishing as a core marketing function and career path.