Early Childhood Development Courses at Ashford University

The first eight years of life are a dynamic time when children experience rapid growth physically, intellectually, and socially. These early experiences will establish the foundation for all future learning and development. Your Early Childhood Development courses will help you to understand typical and atypical childhood development. You will also develop the skills to adapt learning environments to match the diverse abilities of a wide range of children.

Early Childhood Development Class Descriptions and Credit Information

ECD 310 Exceptional Learning & Inclusion

3 Credits

This course provides an examination of historical approaches for inclusion and their influence on current trends for learning environments for children with exceptionalities. Students will apply evidence based instructional methods and strategies to support children with diverse needs. In addition, students will analyze the collaborative models in inclusive settings that support and serve children and their families. Finally students will create a professional and ethical-based philosophy of inclusion for children with exceptionalities.