Education Curriculum and Instruction Courses at Ashford University

Impactful education begins with effective curriculum. In your Education Curriculum and Instruction courses, you will examine various aspects of developing curriculum that promotes student success. The courses explore the science behind the learning process, innovative best practices in curriculum design, intervention strategies to address common challenges that learners face, and leadership techniques to encourage a culture of growth and achievement. Enable education for diverse learners.

Education Curriculum and Instruction Class Descriptions and Credit Information

ECI 601 Introduction to Curriculum and Instruction: The Science of Learning and Teaching

3 Credits

This introductory course examines the science of learning and the impact that brain compatible instruction can have on learning. Students in the course analyze how learning theories, practices, and brain research-based strategies can support the development of effective curriculum & instruction and promote student success.

ECI 610 21st Century Curriculum, Standards, and Assessment

3 Credits

This course establishes the relationship between curriculum design and instructional strategies deemed best practices. Students design creative, student-centered, and standards-based learning opportunities incorporating 21st century skills. Participation in this course challenges students to commit to a shift away from educational approaches of the past and embrace proven effective methods to engage diverse learners in a variety of learning environments. Prerequisite: ECI 601

ECI 615 Intentional Approaches to Intervention

3 Credits

This course is designed to get students thinking about appropriate and intentional interventions to address a variety of challenges faced by learners in the instructional setting. Students apply practical, yet innovative instructional strategies to realistic situations in which interventions are needed to advance learners to the next level of success. A variety of evidence-based curriculum adaptations and interventions are examined with the goal of improved outcomes for learners, schools, districts or organizations. Prerequisite: ECI 601

ECI 685 Transforming Curriculum and Instruction Through Empowering Leadership

3 Credits

When it comes to school or organizational improvement, leaders play a pivotal role in ensuring that a culture of achievement and growth is shared by all. In this course, students investigate a variety of principles including; growth mindset, transformational leadership, transparency, fostering a culture of continuous growth and achievement, principles of servant leadership, and the power of collaboration. The role professional development plays in laying a foundation for the curriculum design and implementation process is also examined. Leadership experience is not required to be successful in this course. Teachers, trainers, and educational leaders or administrators will learn practical, yet powerful ways to improve their professional practice. Prerequisites: ECI 601 and EDU 650.