Philosophy Courses at Ashford University

Examine the world from another perspective with these undergraduate philosophy courses. The ethics course is a component of many business programs including the Bachelor of Arts in International Business and Bachelor of Arts in Finance among others. Upon successfully completing these classes, you will be able to interpret philosophical thought through critical thinking, recognize the importance of personal and organizational ethics and values, defend a thesis using arguments and evidence, and determine your own ethical perspectives through personal reflection.

Philosophy Class Descriptions and Credit Information

PHI 103 Informal Logic

3 Credits

This course is a study of correct and incorrect reasoning involved in everyday activities. The fundamentals of language and argument, deductive and inductive reasoning and other aspects of practical reasoning are examined. 

PHI 208 Ethics & Moral Reasoning

3 Credits

This course explores key philosophical concepts from an ethical perspective. Students will analyze selected assertions of knowledge and the methods of reasoning humans use to justify these claims. Through research into theories of science and religion, as well as the theoretical and empirical challenges these institutions of thought face, students will also investigate how the mind constructs and understands reality. This will provide a foundation for an exploration into questions of morality, in which students will look at traditional and contemporary ethical theories, and apply these theories to contemporary moral issues. 

PHI 445 Personal & Organizational Ethics

3 Credits

In this course, students will examine various ethical theories, economic concepts, and business paradigms. These examinations will serve as the foundation for the analysis of moral problems in business. Students will explore the ethical challenges and dilemmas facing decision makers in business organizations. Students will also consider their own stake in the market as consumers, employees, managers, or small business owners.