Investing in Innovation

Ashford is focused on being at the forefront of innovation and offering the relevant education employers demand for jobs today and tomorrow. The tuition increase effective February 6, 2018 provides Ashford the means to develop new courses and advanced innovation for the online classroom.

24/7 Live Support
Students study at all hours of the day, so Ashford gives students the opportunity to connect with academic and technical resources 24/7. We have live tech support ready to answer questions and Ashford’s Library and Writing Center are always available to assist with class assignments. 

Expanded Tutoring
Student success is the top priority at Ashford, so we expanded online tutoring options for our most challenging classes and made it available 24/7.  

100% Digital Learning
Online learning allows students to access their classroom from almost anywhere in the world. Shouldn’t their books go with them? Ashford thinks so and we’ve launched an initiative to convert all learning materials in all classes to a convenient, 100% digital format.

Today’s Evolving Classroom
Ashford introduced a new online classroom in 2017. We listened to student feedback and rolled out user-friendly upgrades such as single sign-on, built-in videos in the classroom, a calendar function, and an inbox feature. We continue to work with Canvas to perfect the online learning environment. Upgrades we’re looking to release in 2018 include a redesign of global items, the integration of Canvas apps and web conferencing options, the incorporation of just-in-time content feeds in certain courses, and even the introduction of artificial intelligence to assist students with administrative tasks. 

The Honors College
Ashford’s Honors College was born out of the belief that high-achieving students deserve to be recognized for their accomplishments. The Honors College gives bachelor’s students who are demonstrating excellence an opportunity to enhance their degree programs, challenge their minds, and receive acknowledgment for their successes. 

Personalized Approaches to Learning
Looking toward the future, Ashford is exploring new ways to make the learning experience more responsive to the specific needs of each student. We’re already piloting several programs to give students more meaningful interaction with faculty and more robust engagement with classmates. Stay tuned for more Ashford innovations.

Early Identification and Assistance
Ashford has implemented new online tools that help faculty identify students who may benefit from additional support, so they can reach out and help them when they need it most and keep them on the path to success.

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