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Ashford University provides a solution that is custom-made for working adults. Ashford offers options that can reduce or even eliminate student debt for working students.

Seamless Experience

Canvas Classroom
  • A state-of-the-art online classroom experience
  • Mobile classrooms allow students to study wherever, whenever
  • 24/7 technical support and library assistance

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Flexible Admissions

Ashford offers customized corporate programs that combine with an organization’s tuition assistance benefit to help employees earn a college degree.

Leader Development Grant
With the Leader Development Grant option, an organization contributes $5,250 per year to an employee’s education. Ashford then offers a grant that covers the remaining costs of the employee’s education. One requirement of the program is that students agree not to apply for student financial aid. As a result, the employee incurs no student loan debt.

Alliance Agreement
With the Alliance Agreement option, Ashford works with an organization to establish reductions on tuition and other fees. Possible reductions include a tuition grant, technology fee waiver, first course material waiver, and Prior Learning Assessment fee waiver. This option allows employees to earn a degree at a reduced cost.

Employee Retention

Visionary organizations recognize the value of providing employees with access to higher education. Companies that invest in their employees reap rewards for many years down the road:

  • Employees are more engaged and less likely to leave an organization
  • Reduced turnover cuts recruiting and onboarding costs
  • A knowledgeable workforce is more confident and successful
  • Succession planning is streamlined when you develop your future leaders
  • Tuition assistance programs are valuable benefits that attract top talent

If I can accomplish this with a family and a salaried position in which I invest over 60 hours a week, then you can, too.

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My credentials now afford me opportunities that may not have been previously available to me. I got to read amazing books, meet amazing staff and classmates, and learn so much relevant content. 

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