Full Tuition Grant

The Full Tuition Grant (FTG), when combined with an approved company’s tuition assistance program, lets eligible students earn their degree without student loan debt. If you are eligible for the Full Tuition Grant, you will have your required education-related costs covered, including:

  • Tuition for all eligible courses
  • Course materials*
  • Technology Fees
  • Prior Learning Assessment fees
  • Graduation fee

* If both electronic and hard copy course materials are available for the same course, the FTG program will only fund the electronic course materials, and if you choose to receive hard copy course materials, you will be responsible to pay the difference in price and shipping costs.

Payment Option Breakdown

Follow These Simple Steps to Receive the Full Tuition Grant:

  • Confirm your eligibility for tuition assistance through your employer or a third party administrator
  • Call 855.805.6911 to speak to an Ashford University Enrollment Services Advisor and review all available payment options, benefits, disclosures, and employer-approved degree programs. Speak with a Financial Services Advisor about all available payment options before applying or enrolling
  • Register in Ashford's Online Application Portal (OAP) with the affiliation code supplied by your Ashford University Advisor
  • Complete your application with your Enrollment Services Advisor and submit all required FTG online documents listed below
  • Current students, speak with your advisor today and they can start the process of helping you apply!

Click Here For Required FTG Documents

For more tuition and fee information, please view Ashford Online Tuition and Fees.

For more detailed information about the grant, please view the Full Tuition Grant FAQ.