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Tuition Benefit For Tanner Health System

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Employees take advantage of this partnership with Ashford University to earn a college degree online while working full-time. You’ll get the education you’ve always wanted while becoming one of your company’s best and brightest. Call 855.805.6911.

Benefits for you:

Tuition Benefit Details

Eligible employees who successfully apply to and attend Ashford University will receive:

15% Tuition Savings
Take advantage of reduced tuition to earn your degree.

Technology Fee Waiver
This per course charge will be waived, allowing you free access to all Ashford University systems such as the Student Portal and online classroom throughout your program at Ashford University.

Free Required Course Materials for All Mandatory Courses
Your digital course materials, including your textbooks, will be completely covered through your company’s partnership with Ashford University. 

Family Benefits
Immediate family members of eligible employees can take advantage of the benefits listed above.

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