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Tuition Savings Options For T-Mobile Employees

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Employees can take advantage of Ashford University’s benefits to earn a college degree online while working full-time. You’ll get the education you’ve always wanted while becoming one of your company’s best and brightest. Call 855.805.6911.

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Two Options for savings:

Full Tuition Grant Benefits

Find out if you are eligible to get your tuition, materials, and fees covered through the Ashford University Full Tuition Grant when used in conjunction with your company’s Tuition Assistance Program. These grant benefits are eligible to employees who successfully apply to and attend Ashford University:

  • Grant eligibility is contingent upon the University receiving the required $5250 tuition assistance amount, for full time employees.
  • Each course must be approved by EdAssist prior to the course start date.
  • Request tuition assistance through the EdAssist Portal.

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Full Tuition Grant is not available for doctoral degree programs.


Tuition Benefit Details

Eligible employees who successfully apply to and attend Ashford University will receive:

20% Tuition Savings
Take advantage of reduced tuition to earn your degree.

Technology Fee Waiver
This per course charge will be waived, allowing you free access to all Ashford University systems such as the Student Portal and online classroom throughout your program at Ashford University.

Free Required Course Materials for Your First Course 
Your digital course materials, including your textbooks, will be completely covered for your first course through your company’s partnership with Ashford University.

Family Benefits
Immediate family members of eligible employees can take advantage of the benefits listed above.

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T-Mobile Successes

Investing in Employees

Since 2015, T-Mobile employees have been earning degrees at Ashford University without any student debt. Tuition assistance programs offer an opportunity to develop professional skills and increase knowledge. In this video, watch what an Ashford degree has done for a few T-Mobile graduates. 

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Are you currently a licensed RN?

This program requires you to be a current licensed registered nurse. Please check out other programs to reach your education goals such as the BA in Health and Wellness.