Entrepreneurship Scholarship

Forbes School of Business & Technology

The Forbes School of Business & Technology at Ashford University is proud to offer $5,000 scholarships to students who exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit. Ashford University is committed to supporting the creation of new ideas that increase economic activity and advance society through business solutions. A committee composed of Forbes School of Business & Technology faculty members will evaluate each submission and determine the winners. The scholarship award will be applied to future tuition charges in the student’s Forbes School of Business & Technology degree program.

The Entrepreneurship Scholarship opportunity is open to prospective students, students currently enrolled in an Ashford University degree program, returning students, and alumni of Ashford University degree programs.

The committee will select recipients based on the most compelling application, the applicant’s current business and/or new business idea, and its potential impact on the economy.

Please see the table below for application deadlines.

Please note that in order to be eligible, a current business plan and/or new business idea must be submitted along with the form. Applicants may re-submit their business plan for each scholarship award period.

Scholarship Timelines

Submission Dates Winner Notified By:
1. February 1 - April 1, 2017 May 31, 2017
2. May 1 - July 1, 2017 August 31, 2017
3. August 1 - October 1, 2017 November 30, 2017


How to Apply

To apply for the Entrepreneurship Scholarship, fill out the submission form. Send the completed form, along with all supporting documentation, to [email protected].

Previous Recipients

Christopher Gross – Alaska, Class of ‘16
Melanie Pendleton – Missouri, Class of ’15 (AA/BA)
Rosa Lara Rios – California, Class of ’16
Steven Strain – California, Class of ‘16
William Vaughn – Tennessee, Class of ‘15

Najah Byron – California, Class of ’15
Dannie Edmon – Ohio
Eric Husher – Rhode Island, Class of ‘16
Kamie Naughton – North Carolina
Kirk Nelson – Florida, Class of ‘16
Theresa Pope – Georgia

Michael Barnes – Maryland
Sade Brown – Ohio
Zachary Brown – Indiana, Class of ’15 (BA)
Justen Jones – Hawaii
Cher Middleton - California

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