Senior Project Scholarship

Forbes School of Business and Technology Earn a $5,000 business scholarship toward your graduate degree at the Forbes School of Business & Technology by submitting your senior project. Apply now!

Papers will only be accepted from Capstone courses. See list below.

Senior Project Capstone Courses

  • ACC 410
  • BUS 402
  • BUS 421
  • BUS 437
  • BUS 458
  • BUS 497
  • MGT 460
  • MGT 490
  • MGT 492
  • MGT 496
  • MGT 497
  • PPA 497
  • RES 497
  • SRM 325
  • SRV 425

See Ashford University Academic Catalog for more details.

Senior Project Scholarship FAQ

Will there be additional scholarship entry periods in the future?
There will only be one scholarship period in 2016.

How much is the scholarship award?
The Senior Project Scholarship award is $5,000, which will be split into two equal awards of $2,500 each. This scholarship may only be applied toward future tuition costs in any Forbes School of Business & Technology Master’s degree program.

What is the application process?
To apply for the Senior Project Scholarship, complete the submission form. Send the completed form, along with all supporting documentation, to [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

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